Ich hab es nicht gewollt Je n’ai pas choisi ما خترت هذا الشي It simply wasn’t me Eu não escolhi

That’s the theme of the night: „Ich hab ich nicht gewollt“ in many languages, more or less.
Multilingual spoken word (and music) show at Spinner und Weber. Some texts will be in German, some in other languages.

bis dann 🙂

Farah Chamma is a Dubai-born Palestinian poet currently studying philosophy and sociology at
the Paris-Sorbonne University. She began writing poetry at the age of 14 and performing at the age of 16. Farah writes poetry in English, Arabic, and French using a variety of lyrical and linguistic styles. She is currently studying the Portuguese language and plans to start working on multilingual poetry. Farah’s work is mainly promoted through spoken word events and filmed
videos. Her Arabic poem “How Must I Believe?” shot by the FLEX received more than 200,000 views on YouTube. It was the start of her interest in the Arabic language. It made her realise that there is a lack of young, energetic, and spoken Arabic poetry.